Home AC Maintenance Program

Save Money with an AC Maintenance Program

In Florida, where there are far more hot days than cold, it pays to have an AC maintenance program. The more ready your system is for the scorching heat of summer, the better it will run when you need it most. Preventive AC maintenance offers numerous benefits for the cost-savvy homeowner. All of the following are cost-saving benefits of a regular AC maintenance program:

  • Energy Efficiency Improvement: When your system’s coils, blades, and other components are cleaned the system generates cool air more efficiently. When your system runs more efficiently it will cost you less to run the unit.
  • Lifespan of Equipment Extended: Lack of regular maintenance can definitely impact the length of your unit’s lifespan. One of the major reasons HVAC systems last less time than they should is from lack of maintenance. Replacing an HVAC system is a significant expense.
  • Air Quality Improvement: When dirt, dust, and debris collect inside an HVAC system’s components they can be released into the air inside your home, which impacts the quality of your indoor air. Routine maintenance cleans out all of the components so that particulates don’t pollute the indoor air.
  • Fewer Costly Repairs: Regular maintenance reduces the chances there will be a costly emergency repair. Routine checkups show damaged or worn parts that can be replaced before they cause serious damage.

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