How to Pick Your HVAC System Brand


Replacing an HVAC system is a costly endeavor, and thankfully one you shouldn’t have to do more than every decade or so. If your system is old and needs frequent repairs or you want to have a more energy-efficient unit, those are good reasons to shop for a replacement. When you are sure it’s time to replace your HVAC system, you are faced with deciding which brand of unit you want. Some of the questions you’ll want to have answered are:

  • Which Brand?
  • What Size?
  • Which Contractor?
  • What’s the Cost?

There are a number of items to consider for this significant investment in your home or business. First of all be sure that you need to replace your current system. If you aren’t completely confident with the answers from your service technician, it makes sense to get a second opinion. Once you know for sure you need a new system, be sure to get estimates from at least   3 companies.

When it comes to HVAC systems, a handful of manufacturers makes most of the approximately 150 brands. For example, Lenox, Armstrong, and Concord are manufactured by the same company, as are Trane and American Standard. Once your research on the heating and cooling needs of your home, you can study the brands to find which one best suits your needs in performance and price.

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